Support Services Policy

At AutoConvert we strive to give our customers the best level of support. To achieve this we have a ticketing-based support solution. Raising a ticket can be done by following the steps below. We will attempt to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive searchable Knowledge Base is available 24/7 and answers common queries which can be found here.

We are constantly monitor the performance of the knowledge base articles with ongoing improvements to the content and breadth of coverage. It also contains more in-depth articles with how-to videos, guides, and best practices.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm

Support requests during office hours, can be raised 2 ways:

  1. We offer a live chat service, found at the bottom right-hand side of every page
  2. You can also raise a request by calling 0161 850 7330 or emailing Both of which create a support ticket in the same system as the live chat.

Out of office hours

Emailing out of office hours allows you to leave a message that can be picked up during normal office hours. The voicemail also gives advice on how to raise an emergency support request.

Support tickets are managed in priority order.